Website Development

If you need a website, then you've come to the right place. We develop new websites, and virtual shopping carts, using the best web technologies for each project.

We help people turn their ideas into outstanding websites: business owners who need brand-new websites, or major improvements to existing ones entrepreneurs who want profitable online stores with secure e-commerce nonprofit organizations that need websites for raising money and building online communities.

If you have a question, the FAQ section may already have an answer.

To begin your project, contact me and let me know the details of your future website, including the features you want.

I build websites that are functional, attractive, and accessible.


You could have any of these features in your new website:

content management — you and your staff can add new content (text, images, and videos) to your website, and modify existing content

site structure — have an unlimited number of pages, accessible through a logically-organized navigation menu

image gallery — upload and display multiple images, and add images to slideshows

secure contact — allow visitors to contact you, without giving out your e-mail address

user registration — automatically build a marketing contact list of website visitors

access rights — allow certain visitors access to premium content, perhaps after they have paid a fee

surveys/polls — get free feedback from all visitors or from registered users only (your choice)

blog — increase traffic to your website (humans and search engines) with your own blog, where you can post news and opinions

forums — build an online community to attract new prospects and search engines, and allow users to help each other, thereby reducing your customer support costs

mobile version — greatly expand your potential audience by supporting smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices

shopping cart — sell products securely online

payment gateway integration — allow customers to buy from you using credit cards (using PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc.)

instant notification — receive an immediate online confirmation of each customer's purchase

advertising revenue — display your own banner ads, or make money displaying other companies' ads, e.g., Google AdSense

traffic analysis — use Google Analytics to understand and improve customer traffic and conversions

Regardless of what features you choose, your new website will be neatly organized, fast to download, simple to use, easy to navigate, and attractive to customers.

Website Design Process

The pieces of the website design process puzzle. We provide you with a custom website design – unique to your taste, personality and needs. We meet deadlines and we keep you informed every step of the way.

Stage One – FREE Consultation

We will contact you via phone to learn about your business or organization. Our first question: “What do you want to accomplish with your website?” This will help us understand basic design and functionality so we can be sure to provide you with what you want.

Stage Three – Design Checklist

Stage Three consists of a series of questions that we cover over the course of several emails and/or phone calls. Some of these questions include, but are not limited to; what pages do you want on your website (sitemap), login information to your domain, determination of what resources you’ll need (plugins, images, etc) on your website.

While in development a cycle of tweaking and approving takes place until both parties are satisfied with the design, features and functionality.

In order to keep your project on track to meet the ETA for launch, timely response during this phase of the process is necessary.

Stage Four – Website Development

Once we have received the necessary information from the design checklist, we enter the Website Development stage. At this point our clients will have given us enough information to move forward in the development process while they work on gathering the necessary images/content. Once you have provided us with your images/content, we will add them to the site. This part of the process allows both parties to work at the same time so that there is little delay in your development timeline.

Stage Five – Review, Test & Launch

In Stage Five, both parties do a final review of the website to make sure that all visual and functional features are performing as they should. Final requested changes are made and once we receive the approval from you we schedule a firm launch date and take the new website live.